Immediate Response Connector (IRC)

The Melni Immediate Response Connector (IRC) is our flagship product and the one that has been through the most development and testing. We have the molds, plastic and copper ready for this connector. The IRC has several advantages over the butt splice connectors currently in use:

• Ease of Installation: The Melni connector is easy to use. Just insert the stripped cable, twist the end caps to tighten the patented spiral inserts, and then tighten the water-proofing caps.

• Installation Time: In the larger sizes a crimp-style connector can take up to 15 minutes to fully install. First the actual crimps must be applied, then layers of tapes and wraps to seal it out from the elements. The Melni connector can be installed in less than a minute.

• Waterproof Connection: The Melni connector is waterproof with sealing caps that compress a neoprene bushing around the cable.

• Available clear body design: This enables electricians and linemen to quickly spot a faulty connector by allowing them to look at the copper insert through the clear polycarbonate body. Standard body design will be black.

• The cable is saved when replacing a connector: Cutting the body (using standard cable cutters) the Melni can be removed without losing any of the conductor.

• Works well on both stranded and solid conductors: It even works on the smaller ultra flexible cables that have many more strands.

• Toolbox Simplification: It’s no longer necessary to keep a list of things needed to make a proper connection, like the barrel crimp, crimper, proper dies for the crimper, and all the tapes and shrink wraps. The Melni only uses 2 wrenches one to hold the body and the other secures the end cap to achieve the proper amount of torque.

Click here to see the 4/0 Butt Splice Connector video.

Click below to see the speed test on our connector.