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Melni products are changing the standards in electrical connection technology. Our patented devices are revolutionizing the electrical industry by offering a faster, safer and cost-effective way to transfer power. These innovative alternatives were designed to allow for quick and reliable connectivity without the need for specialized tools or timely processes.

At Melni Connectors it is our vision to be the global leaders in electrical device design and manufacturing. We hope to achieve this by providing excellent customer service and quality products.

Hypersplice Image

Melni's Hyper-Splice Connector

No tools required – Just strip, insert, and twist

Clear housing

Quick, easy, and long-lasting

Melni’s Hyper-Splice is the latest connector in our innovative line of wire connectors. The connector employs our recently developed Intellectual Property, the Hyperbolic Spiral Technology, which allows for a very quick, easy and long lasting connection with a pull strength unparalleled by its competitors.

  1. Strip Wires to Length

  2. Insert Wires

  3. Fully Twist Ends of Connector