Hyper- Splice

The HyperSplice

  • Melni Hyper-Splice
    Melni’s Hyper-Splice is the latest connector in our innovative line of wire connectors for
    use with 12-16AWG in 24V or less applications. The connector employs our recently developed
    Intellectual Property, the Hyperbolic Spiral Technology, which allows for a very quick, easy and
    long lasting connection with a pull strength un-paralleled by its competitors. Plus the connector
    requires no tools! The Hyper-Splice is a sealed and insulated connector filled with a silicone
    based dielectric grease, perfect for indoor/outdoor and wet/damp environments. The clear glass
    like Lexan polymer allows the installer to inspect their connection as it is made. Just strip, insert
    and twist the connector for a completed, effective and long lasting connection!
    Strip Wires to Length Insert Wires Fully Twist Ends of Connector
  • As Specified in
    Installation Instructions
  •  For use with 24V or less applications.
     12-16 AWG Stranded Conductor
     Sealed, insulated and filled with Dielectric Grease for use in indoor/outdoor and wet and damp locations!
     No Tools Required!
     Just Strip, Insert and Twist!
     Quick, Easy and Long Lasting Connection!
     Clear housing allows installer inspection!